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TFOL World

Hey everyone! I have started to contribute to a new really cool blog called TFOL World. Click here to check it out!

Stunningly HUGE Microscale Creation

This creation is titled “CONTACT 1: Millennial Celebration of the Eternal Choir at K’al Yne, Odan” by master builder Mike Doyle. This incredible masterpiece has over 200,000 pieces, and its in micro-scale – it looks stunning. One of the most incredible MOCs of the year, I’d say.

Cool Curvy Wall Pattern

curvy pattern by eilonwy77
curvy pattern, a photo by eilonwy77 on Flickr.

Made by Katie! In grey colors this would be cool on a castle wall… hmmm….

Age of Steam – The Coalikoma

I know I haven’t posted much here lately… but this is awesome, and I HAD to post it!!

An Early Lunch

An Early Lunch by Heiwa71
An Early Lunch, a photo by Heiwa71 on Flickr.

It looks like the astronauts are going to be lunch before they have a chance to get back to eat lunch…

Happy New Year & 2012 in review

Happy New Year everyone!


Some quick stats about my blog in the last year:


80 new posts!

Viewers from 57 countries!

If you’re interested in seeing more, click here to see the complete report.

Thanks everyone for a great 2012! Here’s to a great and happy 2013! 🙂

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Boxing Panda

Boxing Panda by Legohaulic
Boxing Panda, a photo by Legohaulic on Flickr.

Don’t get this panda angry.

Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman Mini Busts

Don’t know how I missed this, this build is a couple weeks old but extremely impressive. As a big Mythbusters fan, I just love it 😀