Peace & prosperity = old??

Flickr member kaitimar has something very interesting to say. I will quote the beginning of it and if you click on the picture you can read the rest.
“When I was a child, LEGO was a very special thing. It was not like other toys with their glittering guns and missiles, LEGO was about building, cooperation, positive values etc. When minifigs came, they all smiled and had jobs like firemen, (friendly) policemen, baker, bus driver, doctor, race car driver, construction worker… They lived in a world of peace and prosperity, a world without violence or crime, without war and without monsters of any kind.”


One thought on “Peace & prosperity = old??

  1. Medieval Guy says:

    Very thought provoking concept. Although, I quite possibly wouldn’t be a part of this hobby if those Castle knights hadn’t caught my eye a few years ago. That’s my two cents.

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