swing 1 by zgrredek
swing 1, a photo by zgrredek on Flickr.


13 thoughts on “Whee!

  1. Hayden. says:

    Awesome technique!
    Ben, how do you manage to do this on your own?

    • Ben - Flare says:

      How do I manage to do what? Keep up this blog? Its just something I do for fun, not that hard 😉 I just keep my eye out for quality builds…

      • Hayden. says:

        But don’t you get tired or bored? Its like the brothers brick, which has more than one blogger, to keep more eyes open and to stop someone getting bored.
        I’m not sure I could make one and keep it running by myself.
        It shows your ether a mutant or rather clever person! I’d prefer mutant 😉

  2. Ben - Flare says:

    Neither mutant nor clever – just intelligent, handsome, and humble 😉

    • Hayden. says:

      So I can see.
      But another up side of having people to work with, means you get an entry each day, and not just now and then, like it is now.
      No offence.

      • Ben - Flare says:

        I pretty much do a post every day, besides Saturday and Sunday, when I’m usually too busy to post something.

      • Hayden. says:

        Nah, Look at the calendar, 16 days in march did you not post anything, plus if you had someone else to work with they could post on the days you did not.

  3. Ben - Flare says:

    Its called Flare’s Choice for a reason.

  4. LWC guy says:

    I had a blog, Legoblog.net, but lawyers got me 😦

  5. LWC guy says:

    Violating the rights of… lots of big words. It’s because I had “lego” in the title, and it wasn’t under blog spot or anything so it had ads on it 😦

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