Honda SRS-1 Hoshi

Honda SRS-1 Hoshi by .Tromas
Honda SRS-1 Hoshi, a photo by .Tromas on Flickr.

Sweet futuristic racing vehicle! Click on the picture to check it out 😉


Become a Gunsmith

Become a Gunsmith by Pink Stormtrooper
Become a Gunsmith, a photo by Pink Stormtrooper on Flickr.

This gun revolutionizes the “shooting-the-person-behind-you” industry! 😛

Boulder Chase!

Boulder Chase by LWC guy
Boulder Chase, a photo by LWC guy on Flickr.

Great Indiana Jones scene built by LWC guy!

I’m Lovin’ It

The Big MaK by Siercon and Coral
The Big MaK, a photo by Siercon and Coral on Flickr.

The Big MaK – 100% pure awesomeness. And beef.

The French Atlantic Coast

The French Atlantic Coast by Tobigo
The French Atlantic Coast, a photo by Tobigo on Flickr.

All I can say is wow!


Awakening by Bart De Dobbelaer
Awakening, a photo by Bart De Dobbelaer on Flickr.

WOW… incredible tower with purple water

This is an incredible LEGO scene by Derfel Cardan on Flickr, titled “Twilight Of The Gods”. It is a freaking wicked castle tower with… purple water! Yuss! Go and click on the picture and check it out right away!

Ice Age: The Meltdown

The water is incredible, but so is all of Blake’s work so what can I say… check it out and fav it! 😉

Pyoo pyoo

Halo 4 BR85HB SR Battle Rifle